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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    Is this my business?  Yes, it was just a hobby but I needed a way to offset expenses so I posted ads on the web pages.   For 2 years it was a loosing proposition but it may come close to breaking even or better in the third year.  None of the pictures  require you to pay or buy anything.

2.    Am I related to these people? Probably not.  I will not have enough time to research everyone's family tree for them, so don't take it personal if I do not respond in a timely manner.   You will get better responses from your family by posting on the Surname Boards at RootsWEB.

3.    How can I Help?  Take lots of pictures.  Build your own WEB site and post the pictures for all of us to use.  http://freepages.rootsweb.com offers free space for your project and offers assistance in setting up a site.   I can help you too. 

4.    I can't build a WEB site!    There are two wonderful sites that allow you to upload your own pictures without you having to know how to build a web page.  Look into http://www.FindAGrave.com  or  www.genealogy.com/vcem_welcome.html  .   

5.    How are the files named? For single person stones, I use:

LASTNAME FirstName MiddleName NickName BeginDate-EndDate

                                    For multiple persons stones it is 

LASTNAME FirstName MiddleName NickName 'and' FirstName MiddleName NickName

                                    For dates:

Date-Date    means born-died

-Date            means died on date

Date-            means birth date ( person may be living or buried elsewhere )

Date             Only one date is given - usually a baby born dead or died soon.

Also:   if the stone is for a veteran I end with _.JPG instead of the usual .JPG

After the familyname  that starts an entry I began putting two or more underscores to indicate a family grouped in the area of a family marker.  As I got more groups in a cemetery I just added another _ .  That got out of hand when the 5th, 6th, etc groups in a cemetery as 6 _s and7_s look a lot alike so I just put the number of _s after 3  like _4_ and _5_ .  I trust this will help keep the groups together in my listings. The problem, the individuals are no longer in order by last name.  Have a solution?  Let me hear it.  

6.  What kind of equipment do I use?  The first 71,000+ pictures were taken with an HP C200 1 megapixle camera that cost me $29.99  The first 128meg card for the camera cost $94 and the second was $34.  The second camera is a Refurbished HP Photosmart 435 3.1 Megapixle that cost me $39.   The laptop (cheepest IBM ThinkPad) on sale was $700.  The Storage from Rootsweb is free, but I bought the domain teafor2.com to allow flexibility in web site placement and to handle the volumes of mail for about $34 a year.  Travel and meals away from home have not been kept track of before 2004 as  was already showing great losses and almost no income to offset it.  I hope to be able to actually stay in a motel occasionally in the future so I can get full days of photography away from home.  The Wireless line at home is great but I would have that anyway. Counting travel, equipment,  and internet, I am out about $2000  a year and have only gotten a small fraction of that back from the advertisements.

6a.   My how time flies. I had to purchase a new laptop and a new camera since writing the above paragraph.   CD, DVD and Disk drive happen more often then I'd like.  Pictures take a lot of space.   I have retired so I have to watch the pennies closer and my new boss doesn't send me on trips alone.