Cemeteries Photographed  by - Allen Wheatley

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About the author:

Allen Wheatley - I started looking into the family tree after my first retirement.  I am in debt to all the people that have provided data about ancestors over the years, and have done so freely.   I want to do my part to pay them back by adding to this pool of knowledge available to researchers.    This is my way of helping.

I started out taking selected pictures in cemeteries, but found myself going back for one more family member that I missed.  So I now try to do a whole cemetery at once when I can.  Cemeteries close to home are easier to do because they can be done in my spare time.

I placed the pictures on cartogra.com until I had surpassed their limit of free storage.  

Allen Wheatley, son of Vernon Allen Wheatley, son of Allen Kahler Wheatley, son of Allen Devalston Wheatley, son of Thomas Jefferson Wheatley, son of Pierce Stokes Wheatley, Sr.


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