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 I started photographing just my relatives in their cemeteries but found I needed to go back often to get newly found cousins.   So I switched to getting complete cemeteries.   Now I rarely go to a cemetery because of relatives therein, I just enjoy getting all the pictures and sharing with you.   Please copy any for your personal records but since you do not own them, please note that they came from http://teafor2.com if you republish them.

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Southmost Cemetery, Brownsville, Cameron, TX, USA listing

photos listing (SURNAME first second othernames nee birth death comments or inscription)
5 Southmost Cemetery Cameron Co TX
6 Southmost Cemetery Cameron Co TX
7 Southmost Cemetery Cameron Co TX
8 Southmost Cemetery Cameron Co TX - P1230058.JPG
deHERNA Anastacia - 1905 yhitastsu espo Cruz Hernandez
DIAZ Eugenio 1885 1958 recuerdo de sus hijos
FERNANDEZ Alfredo G Fernandez 1914 1992 recuerdo de su e hijos
FERNANDEZ Epimenio M 1960 1997 our beloved son and brother
GARCIA Antomio Gil 1921 1987 tec5 US Army W W II
GARCIA Clara 1802 93 unrecuerdo fam Gonzales
GARCIA Delfino Lopez 1933 1976 un recuerdo de sh esposa e H.
GARCIA Maria DeLosAngelee 1962 1967 un recuerdo de sus padres
GARZA Daniel A r I p
GARZA Nina Carmen
GONZALE He A 1944 1994 recuerdo de sus padres
HERNANDEZ Francisca U Sra 1924 1972
HERNANDEZ Francisca U Sra 1924 1972
LOPEZ Maria Sra FALLECIO - 1956 recuerdo de sus hijos
MORA Margarita 1931 1935 hija
MORA Maximo 1911 1934 en recuerdo de sus neitos garcia
MORA Policarpio 1885 1965 en recuerdo de sus neitos garcia
ORTEGA Anistacia G 1901 1976
PEREZ Felipa 1892 1927 un recuerdo de su esposo e hijos
PORTALES Guadalupe R 1907 2002
PORTALES Guadalupe R 1907 2002
PORTALES Manuel R 1905 1964
RAMIREZ Regina PORTALEZ 1938 1997 beloved wife mother and grandmother
SALDIVAR Emiliano Cruz 1929 1982 recuerdo de su e hijos
unknown - P1230002.JPG
unknown - P1230007.JPG
unknown - P1230010.JPG
unknown - P1230013.JPG
unknown - P1230015.JPG
unknown - P1230020.JPG
unknown - P1230021.JPG
unknown - P1230022.JPG
unknown - P1230023.JPG
unknown - P1230026.JPG
unknown - P1230032.JPG
unknown - P1230033.JPG
unknown - P1230034.JPG
unknown - P1230035.JPG
unknown - P1230036.JPG
unknown - P1230038.JPG
unknown - P1230039.JPG
unknown - P1230041.JPG
unknown - P1230042.JPG
unknown - P1230043.JPG
unknown - P1230044.JPG
unknown - P1230045.JPG
unknown - P1230046.JPG
unknown - P1230047.JPG
unknown - P1230048.JPG
unknown - P1230049.JPG
unknown - P1230050.JPG
unknown - P1230051.JPG
unknown - P1230055.JPG
unknown - P1230056.JPG
unknown - P1230057.JPG
ZAMARRIPA Carlos Mejia Concepcion 1936 1937
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